Top Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Misplacing your car keys is not only annoying but it can also place large psychological pressure and inconveniences. So to help you avoid this mistake, here is a summary of the top tips for you to make sure that you will never lose your car keys anymore. These three strategies will facilitate saving time, money, and extra trouble. Now, let’s see what these useful tricks and tips are.

Have a Designated Key Spot

Identify a specific spot in your house, where you can find your car keys fast. It may be a key hook, a side table, or a drawer in the wardrobe. Your habit of placing your keys at a designated spot will develop and you are unlikely to lose them.

Establish a Routine

List some of the major activities on your schedule for a day. For example, begin by always placing the car keys in their position as soon as you step into the house. By so acting, you will develop a routine that minimises the chances of loss for such items. Yes, this actually works!

Have Spare Keys

It is recommended you have a set of spare keys that are kept in a safe place. Maybe even a trustworthy relative or friend, or lock it in a secure key box. Having a spare set can help you in case of emergencies, misplacement, or theft.

GPS Key Finder Technology

Save yourself the time of going through lengthy searches for your missing keys by using tracking technology like a key finder. Using a smartphone app or other gadget, they can trace lost keys via either Bluetooth or radio frequency. Some apps allow you to ‘tag’ your keys electronically and you can track their location as well as receive an alert if you leave them behind or they go missing.

Keychain Accessories

Carry a separate and special key ring for your car keys. Go for a bold or strange design. This will make your keys more visible to find in case they get lost.

Keep Keys Separate

Avoid having your car keys coupled with other home keys. As a result, this will avoid mixing with any other key even if you lost it.

Regular Check-ins and a Clean Environment

Never forget to practice looking after your keys. Ensure your keys are in the right place as you arrive back home as well as occasionally checking your bag or pocket to see if they are there. Organise your living space in a manner that you do not lose key. With such a clean environment, finding lost items like car keys is easy.

Mindful Traveling

Take care of your car keys while on travel. Make sure you carry them in a zippered pocket, key-holder if available, or a bag with key pockets. Don’t place them into open pockets or hang bags.

Spare Key with a Professional

You could even have a spare key with an honest locksmith probably. They can however help if you are stuck outside your car. You should be careful in the selection of a good trustworthy person to keep your spare key.

Mininmise Distractions

Ensure that you are always conscious of your environment whenever you have the keys on your hands. Distractions can also result in absent-minded misplacement. Consciously focus your thoughts on the task you are doing, and put your keys in their right place.

Simple habits like always putting your keys in a specific place at home, creating a routine, or even adapting to the key finder tech are straightforward to develop. And always remember, prevention is better than cure so stay organised on the keys and make every moment free from the stress of the lost car keys.