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We are experts at a wide range of automotive key services all across Melbourne and Geelong. We run a mobile service, our van will come to you and carry out all the work on site. We work with most makes and models, and provide a quick and cost effective service. Minute Solutions Auto Keys makes it easy to get back on the road

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Lost Car Key Replacements 

Never get caught without a key

Losing your car keys can feel like a huge problem. But Minute Solutions Auto Keys can make new car keys and remotes wherever you are, as we come to you. We will correctly program your new car key to unlock & start your car. The first step is to gain entry into your stranded car. We have specialist tools to enable us to open your locked car, ensuring no damage to your vehicle. Once we have opened the car, we can then cut a new key to open the doors and program in a new transponder to start the car. If your car keys were stolen, we can change the locks and reprogram the car so that the missing keys can no longer unlock and start your car.

Spare Car Keys

Duplicate An Existing Key

If you’ve lost your spare key, or just want to get another set. Give us a call and we can come out to duplicate your existing car keys. Making sure you always have a set of spare keys is a great way to ensure you are never trapped with a vehicle you can’t open. Creating duplicate keys is much easier and cheaper than having to get into a locked vehicle. There are many different types of keys, older vehicles may just have a traditional key. Newer cars will generally have a transponder key, and possibly a push button start.

Open Locked Cars

Safely Regain Access To Your Vehicle

Maybe you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside your car. There’s no need to smash a window, or try to break into your own car. We can help you to safely get back into your car without damaging it. We have specialised tools to enable us to gain access to your vehicle. We take the utmost care to ensure no damage is caused to your car. Give us a call on 0431 040 790 and we will come to you, and in most cases, have you back on the road that day.

Genuine OEM keys supplied

only the best quality products

We are able to provide you with genuine replacement keys and remotes for your car. OEM parts are of the highest quality, made by the original manufacturer to the exact specifications.

Smart proximity keys

you don’t need to go to a dealer

Cars with a start/stop button, that don’t require you to turn a key in an ignition, require a proximity key. These cars can detect when the key is in the vehicle, and allow you to start the engine. We stock and can program a wide range of proximity keys to suit most vehicles. Proximity keys aren’t just used to enable you to start your car, some modern vehicles will also allow you to unlock the car by standing next to the door while having a key on your body. These keys communicate via radio waves. Getting a replacement key through a dealer can be very expensive. We offer a cost effective alternative.

Garage Remotes

replacing lost remotes

If your garage remote is damaged and needs to be replaced, we can duplicate your existing remote. If you’ve lost your garage remote, we can set you up with new remotes. We will change the codes used to open your garage, ensuring that if anyone finds your missing remote, they cannot open your garage.

Car Key Programming Melbourne & Geelong

Trust Minute Solutions Auto Keys to be your first option for vehicle key services and car key programming. We are experts at programming automobile keys, so you won’t ever have to be concerned about locked doors or ignition problems. No matter where you are—in Melbourne or Geelong—our knowledgeable crew is ready to offer you first-rate car key services.

We also provide the following car key services

Car Key Programming

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures a hassle-free experience while programming your automobile keys, and we provide vehicle key programming that is superior than the competition in Melbourne. We also provide key programming services in Geelong.

At Minute Solutions Auto Keys we take care of all your automobile key requirements. Our car key services are just a call away to ensure quick assistance when you need it most.

Why choose Minute Solutions Auto Keys for your car key programming services?

Our team is made up of knowledgeable professionals with years of expertise in vehicle key services and car key programming. and we place a high value on customer satisfaction and provide quick, dependable service. We remain on top of trends by using the latest technology and methods.

We have a solid reputation in this industry and are renowned for our commitment to quality. Our commitment to quality means that it is more than just a catchphrase for us; it is a pledge.

Minute Solutions Auto Keys are your neighbourhood car key programming specialists, serving Melbourne and Geelong. Contact us today.